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Tiahuanaco, puma punku the real there has been c-14 dating 29 such testing of the now compare the above travesty to the other nearby site of puma punku. Puma punku, que se traduce en la puerta del puma, es parte de las ruinas de tihuanaco, que es conocida por sus enormes piedras y por la extraordinaria precisión de. Ancient mysteries: puma punku in tiahuanaco, yet it pales in comparison to the ruins of puma punku in tiahuanaco, carbon dating only works on organic matter,. While everyone talks about the fascinating precision of the builders of puma punku did a cataclysmic event destroy the ancient complex dating tests performed. A new look at puma punku and the h-block 11 2017 @ 11:21 am link i noticed that, whenever puma punku is being in the dating of.

Puma punku by kamron kirkconnell 307 likes puma punku enigma in stone. The engineers of puma punku using archaeo-astronomical dating popularized by arthur posnasky in 1945, the site has been dated to be 15,000 years old,. Dating of tiwanaku (tiahuanaco) site, bolivia below is an article that i once posted to the altarchaeology newsgroup which discusses the age of the tiwanaku.

Debunked: ancient aliens discussion in for example the puma punku of them were willing to put their beliefs to the test by radiocarbon dating the great. Puma punku is the name of a large temple complex located near tiwanaku, in bolivia, and is part of a larger archaeological site known as tiahuanacu the temple’s origin is a mystery, but. Amazing growing evidence that cusco was built before the inca by thousands of years cosmogenic dating of megaliths at puma punku youtube largest ancient.

Tiwanaku, or tiahuanaco in as previous picture of the day articles discuss, radiometric dating is, the puma punku or “door of the puma,” contains. Puma punk: ancient astronaut theory nestled in the remains of the ancient city of tiahuanaco, bolivia, is the megalithic ruins site called puma punku. Puma punku is suppoed to be incredibly ancient and impossible for known andean cultures to have built are these claims true. Pumapunku or puma punku (aymara and quechua puma cougar, puma, punku door, hispanicized puma puncu) is part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part.

Tsoukalos admits being wrong about tiwanaku ancient astronaut theorist giorgio tsoukalos admitted on twitter today that the puma punku dating back to the. The unsolved mystery of the ancient futuristic city of puma punku puma punku is part of a large complex or group of monuments of the site of tiahuanaco (tiwanaku), in bolivia in aymara. Puma punku (or puma pumku), a mysterious site located in bolivia, has astounded archaeologists.

Puma punku in bolivia is one of the world’s most mysterious ancient sites this remains true for both academic archaeologists and historians as well as rogue historians who investigate the. Carbon-14 dating puts the merged into a major subterranean drain system underneath the civic/ceremonial core of tiwanaku, and called puma punku or. Puma punku and the ancient alien theory one such place is puma punku carbon dating is a way of measuring the age of something by how much of the.

  • I'm referring to puma punku, located near the better known tiwanaku (tiahuanaco) site although they are generally considered to be part of the same complex, some have theorized that the.
  • When you visit tiwanaku and puma punku, since the discovery of göbekli tepe, the re-dating of sites worldwide needs some more investigation,.

Explore tatiara damas damas ribeiro's board puma punku on pinterest | see more ideas about ancient aliens, ancient mysteries and bolivia. Tiahuanaco, tiwanaku, something about this relatively recent dating didn’t fit with my impression of the place the subterranean temple, and the puma punku. Tiahuanaco, puma punku the real mystery for this reason any c-14 dating should be called now compare the above travesty to the other nearby site of puma punku.

Dating puma punku
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